Why lease
with CCA?

There are many options for financing these days, but CCA stands out from standard leasing companies with flexible and personal service.

As one of the oldest and largest independent leasing companies in the United States, CCA can offer the following advantages:

Over 45 Years Experience

As banks come and go with re-organizations or mergers, CCA has remained solid since 1972 and the average length of service of its employees is well over ten years.

Manufacturer and Vendor Independence

CCA allows the lessee to choose their vendors. This capability enables the customer to acquire all of the equipment that they need for a project and eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple lessors.

Endless Variety of Products Leased

CCA is more than just technology leasing. We can lease everything from laptops to medical equipment, office furniture to phone systems, and even materials handling equipment.

Unrestricted Funds

CCA finances all of its transactions without the need of bank approvals or third party financing options. Also, because your lease will be maintained by CCA and will never be sold, our lease partners deal directly with the decision makers.

Flexible Terms

By being an independent leasing company, we have the flexibility to customize creative solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

Superior Customer Service

Our customers benefit from dedicated, personal attention, and find consistency in the quality of the relationship.

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